Through responsible leadership great organizations are built.

With clear communications and direction, teams thrive.

Powerful teams of passionate people on a mission are unstoppable.

We build leadership and teams that will change the world of business.

Through values-based principles, organizations carve a pathway to reclaim their rightful place as a positive force within the communities and customers they serve.

Maria Gamb


Take Back Your Life

Take Back Your Life Workshop

In this On-Demand Mini-Workshop you will learn my Simple 5 step process to taking back your life and setting up compassionate and effective boundaries at work. So you can spend more time doing the work you love and living a balanced life.

The Alignment Method™

Daily Set Point

Learn a convenient way to set up your day to be more effective, positively influence others and create focus. This blueprint was created with the busy professional in mind, utilizing a 5, 10 or 15-minute daily practice format that gets results.

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Anatomy of the Great Reset

We are living in a time of great change; the Great Resignation, Regroup, Rehire, Reskill etc. It’s all fair game as we seek to reconstruct life and business that works with new values and alignments. Within this blueprint you will find a carefully laid out, predictable pattern that will help you navigate the process for yourself and your team.


Making Fair Decisions

What is Fair? What will cause the least fall out? Download the 13 questions to ask yourself before making a decision. This is an excerpt from “Values-Based Leadership for Dummies™” by myself, Maria Gamb.

Programs & Experiences

Team Building

Random Acts of Kindness Team Challenge

Looking for a fun, engaging activity for your next team building or wellness program? Perhaps you’d just like a way to build a culture of kindness. This Done-for-You 14-day program sets challenges and deliverables in a scavenger hunt setting for your team. Everyone could use a little more Kindness.

Building Your Values-based Leadership & Team

Using the basic principles of Values-Based Leadership, you will craft your own Starlight and that of your team. This is a way to set yourself apart from other teams in creating a united, cohesive way of engaging in the workplace – from everyday interactions to how you work with vendors etc.

Learn2 Save the Titanic™

Learn2 Save the Titanic™ is a Narrative Immersion Event. Participants are placed inside a well-structured, character-driven narrative to master the same skills they would need in the workplace to create highly effective teamwork, communication, and leadership. This is a unique, highly interactive program that wins praise, year after year.

Values to Vision Retreat (2023)

A weekend Retreat geared to define your leadership values, goals, and strategies for success in the next year. It all starts with a platform of knowing what you stand for, the purpose of it, and then the execution. This Retreat is usually held at an Adventure Spa in Utah amongst the grandeur of natural red rock formations. Location is subject to change based on availability.

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Value Based Leadership for Dummies

Value Based Leadership for Dummies


Healing the corporate world

Resiliency Journal

Resiliency Journal

Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal



Impact Leadership Coaching

Leaders who find fulfillment in their work are more likely to lead teams with the same passion and focus. As the leader develops, so does the team, unlocking potential, effectiveness, and deepening capabilities within their career.

The Alignment Method™

The Alignment Method™

The Alignment Method™ Group Coaching program will give you the tools, inspiration, and unparalleled support on your journey to creating a life and career of impactful, commanding leadership.

Speaking topics

Remedy for the Great Resignation: Build Businesses and Teams Based on Values & Purpose

Values, meaning, and purpose are all part of the non-negotiable criteria for modern companies and teams.

Realigning & Reigniting the Power of Your Team

Joseph Campbells concept of the Hero’s Journey is a template that often movies use to create a story line: the unlikely hero appears, they are reluctant to take on a certain path but finally they do.
Building Resilience in Challenging Times

Building Resilience in Challenging Times

Life has a way of throwing us curveballs. The promotion you wanted may be given to someone else. That long term, rock-solid relationship may stall out or disappear unexpectedly.
Motivating & Mobilizing People

Motivating & Mobilizing People:
Carving That Straight Line to the Result

One of the most overlooked competencies within the leader’s toolkit is often not knowing how to appropriately communicate with others in a manner where not only can they be heard, but also the lister is compelled to take action.


Tried and true strategies for how leaders behave to increase team loyalty and how build trust on teams.Maria’s presentation impacted them as a reminder to return to value-based leadership. Her delivery style is dynamic, engaging and we were delighted to have her as one of our speakers.
Her keen insights into the obstacles to success and in uence were truly inspiring. Maria riveted our audience of 800 attendees. Her messaging was truly relevant to their career journey. I am certain Maria’s impact will transform many of our attendees!

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