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We believe that it’s more important to DO than just TALK about leadership and team development. It’s a scientific fact that people retain and are more likely to use the information they learn when it’s in a Kinesthetic format. That’s why we take a hands-on approach to all our programs and do not believe in boring post-it parties nor static PPT presentations.

Programs and Experiences
Team Building

DIY TEam building

Focus: Team Building, Company Culture

Format: Digital

A done for you digital kit that can be customized to your organization that promotes engagement, kindness, awareness and creates a healthy team culture. If you’re seeking a fun alternative for your Wellness or Leadership programs, this is it. Participates are provided with a challenge each day to fulfill. Think of it as an immersive “scavenger hunt” type of activity.

Building Your Values-Based Leadership & Team

FOCUS: Leadership / Values / Team Alignment

Format: Live Workshop with you and your team

Values-based leadership permeates every aspect of a team and an organization. This workshop is to help leaders and teams create a strong values-based foundation of a strong, successful, and collaborative organization. This platform creates trust and clear expectations on all levels of engagement with internal and external teams which increases effectiveness, productivity, and the ability to set a course for retaining the best resources and talent.


“Learn2 Save the Titanic”

Focus: Leadership & Team Building

Format: Virtual or Live on Site

Learn2 Save the Titanic is a Narrative Immersion Event that can be held either virtually or live in person. Participants are placed inside well-structured, character-driven narrative to transport them, so they never forget their insights. As the Senior Officers aboard Titanic, your teams discover how to transform their circumstances to achieve what’s possible. They then immediately apply their learnings to hijack their business challenges to achieve tangible results.