Take Back Your Life

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TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE: Compassionately and Effectively Setting Boundaries

Get back to doing the work you love 9-5 rather than from 5-9.

Enough is Enough!

In this workshop you will learn my Simple 5 step process to taking back your life and setting up compassionate and effective boundaries so you can spend more time doing what you love at work and after hours.

It’s time to stop working endless hours and still feel like you haven’t accomplished a thing! Time to regain control of your time in and outside the office. 
Take back your life workshop
take back your life workshop
This workshop is for you.....

✓ If you are still working late at night and feel like you are not accomplishing anything it’s time to make a change.


✓ I understand, being stuck in meetings is a double-edged sword – you need and want to be there BUT, you also need to get things done.


✓ You might even be feeling like you are missing that love, joy, and excitement of your work because you just can’t find the time to do the part that brings you fulfillment and it is butting into your personal life!


✓ Creating a compassionate work environment is important to you, but you may not know how.

Guess what, it is possible to create compassion, for yourself first, and for your team. It begins with you! The power is totally yours! (Yes, I mean it) It all comes down to setting boundaries with kindness and compassion and focusing on using proactive tools rather than constantly being in reactive mode.

This system works for those who WFH, work in the office either PT or FT, have an open-door policy, or not.  It’s THAT flexible!

I’ll show you how to;


➤ Find more time EXECUTING & PLANNING rather than wasting time in useless meetings.

➤ Give your team back the power to complete COMPLETE DELIVERABLES – they deserve to be less stressed out too!

➤ Own your time and SET HEALTHY BOUNDARIES

➤ Create MUTUAL RESPECT between you, your peers, and team members

➤ Use a FLEXIBLE STRUCTURE you can customize for every phase of your career

➤ Give yourself and your team the opportunity to WIN again and remember how much they love their job by clearing the path of obstacles.

PLUS – Gain 2 extra hours a day for yourself, if you so choose!

3 Video lessons

3 Worksheets


40 minutes of Highly Concentrated Information

It’s time to take the reins and get down to the business of finding your happiness in your work and personal life. 

Get More Done in Less time and ENJOY YOUR LIFE!

Maria Gamb