Book Maria for your next event. Topics mirror the release of her new book and can be delivered either as a keynote or breakout session. As always, topics will be customized. We love collaborating with our partners to bring the best content to their audiences.

Creating Value-Based Leadership, Teams & Organizations

FOCUS: Leadership / Building Influence / Values
Format: Keynote / Breakout / Workshop

Building a strong foundation for leaders, teams and organizations can be challenging at times. However, when it is steeped in values coupled with clear action expectations the group can move forward in a positive and productive manner. This platform creates trust and clear expectations on all levels of engagement with internal and external teams which increases effectiveness, productivity and the ability to advance in one’s career.

Overcoming the Obstacle Course of Leadership

FOCUS: Leadership / Values
FORMAT: Workshop

Join Maria Gamb, author of the forthcoming book Values-Based Leadership for Dummies ™ on a journey to reconnecting to your powerful why and working through a series of reframing opportunities both personally and professionally. Let’s face it, being a leader can sometimes be exhausting and overwhelming. Finding your focus and reason for doing the work you do in this world gets lost. In this 90-minute workshop Maria will help you understand the real reason you are sitting in a leadership role and uncover your abilities to either rev up or completely overhaul the culture of your existing team by leverage your strengths and utilizing a few new tools.

Motivating & Mobilizing People:
Carving That Straight Line to the End Result

FOCUS: Leadership / Communication / Motivation
FORMAT: Keynote / Workshop

One of the most overlooked competencies within the leader’s toolbox does often not know how to appropriate communicates with others in a manner where not only can they be heard but also the listener is compelled to take action. The common misconception is that all people are motivated by the same thing, money is simply not true. In this session leaders and managers will learn the 3 motivating categories, how to identify them and craft their language effectively within an accepted style by either men or women. We not only are motivated by different variables but we respond to different communication styles. The magic is to learn the 3M x 4M Formula for communication success. When you motivate and mobilize people they will move mountains to achieve that end result quicker and more effectively.

Deciphering the Gender Code:
He Said, She Said…Making Sense of it All

FOCUS: Gender Communication / Leadership
FORMAT: Workshop

Communication is an essential component to achieving success. Partnerships, buy-in and cooperation depend upon this core competency. However, every single day colleagues sit across the table from one another sharing information and explaining their position only to nd later they haven’t been heard. The perplexing state is on both sides. Nothing is more frustrating than when “Yes” means something other than what you thought it meant. How can 1 little word cause so much conflict and confusion? But it often does; at work and in our personal lives.