RESOURCES to support your journey to Values-Based Leadership


Curious to learn more about VBL? This is the place to be to access InfoGraphics which provide a top level view of the concepts found in the book “Values-based Leadership for dummies™”

While there are 340-pages of rich content in the book for you to explore I hope that these will serve as useful tools for you to work with in your everyday leadership-life as you journey towards becoming a values-based leader and building organizations that follow suit.

  • The 10 Principles of VBL
  • The Attributes of a VBL
  • The Quadrants of Sustainability in Your Business
  • Impacting Your Organization with VBL

Voluntary Benefits Resource

  • Voluntary benefits (VB) can deliver advantages such as choice, convenience, and affordability.
  • Employees can select from an array of options to customize their benefits package to fit their lifestyle.
  • According to Benefits Pro, 62% of employees under the age of 50 won’t consider working without VB.

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