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Leadership Model & Coaching Opportunities

Core Philosophy
Everything that is going on around you is a reflection of what’s going on inside of you.
That includes your team, financial state, health and personal relationships.
Change the interior and everything will follow.

Maria Gamb Coaching Process

Spend a Day with Chief Change Agent, Maria Gamb

There are times when books and classes just aren't enough...When you need someone to help you uncover and then convey your truth...A Straight Shooter whose interest is in helping you excel...Succeed and create massive Change. There are times when you need a trusted Mentor...

With Maria as your mentor, you can expect to receive the Executive Royal Treatment. Here's how your experience will begin:

  • A car service will pick you up from the JFK airport to your hotel*
  • Luxurious accommodations will have been made for you in advance for one night at W Hotel
  • Your personal attach� containing everything you need for your 1st days �mission' will await you in your room
  • After a good nights sleep you'll be met by Maria for your full day meeting
  • Your discussion will continue with Maria over a private lunch
  • Once the day has ended, you'll be driven back to the airport
  • 3-days later, expect to receive your personal Change Agent Dossier containing Maria's recommended solutions and direction for your next 'mission', to change the world!
  • You'll meet privately over the phone with Maria where she will explain the contents of your dossier to ensure you have all the tactical tools you need to implement your new plan.
*Airfare not included

Executive Mentoring with Chief Change Agent, Maria Gamb
If you want Maria's ongoing mentoring and support, spend a day with her (as noted above) and have her help take you through the evolution required for you to create a massive shift and transformation.

For six-months, you'll have access to Maria via phone twice (2x) per month where she will guide you, offer you strategies and solutions to implement the recommendations in your Change Agent Dossier. Serious applicants only please.

Topics of discussion include (but are not limited to):

  • How to Shift your Mindset for Profits
  • Steps to Develop Intentional Congruency in Your Business
  • The Secrets to Maximizing Creativity and Collaboration
  • How to Develop and Leverage Your Leadership
  • Evaluate Your Business Growth and Business Health
  • How to Use Empowerment to Build and Retain Your Team
  • Clarifying the Importance of Quality over Value
  • Fully Expressing YOUR potential as a Leader

Change Agent Academy
*By invitation only.

For more information, please contact my Executive Assistant, Jamie ( or call her directly at 800-527-8186. Those interested in services are required to fill out an application for consideration. To read more about the Change Agent Academy, click here!

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