Random Acts of Kindness & Generosity

November 17th, 2015

Today I’m writing a different kind of post to my community.peace

The unspeakable atrocity in Paris has had a profound effect on many of us. There is reason to pause to become more purposeful: to find moments of gratitude and grace in these difficult times. As I walk around my own beautiful hometown, NYC, I can see the increased presence of police officers. Entering the Wall Street area to work with clients, I notice more barricades, less tourists and increased levels of special tactical teams in the area.

It would be easy to get lost in all of this and succumb to fear. But instead, I’m asking all of you to consider a far more radical strategy to stake your own claim on peace and freedom where you are now.

Will you join me in Operation Kindness? #operationkindness

Every day from now until the New Year, I am asking you to execute ONE random act of kindness in your world. Just one. It will cost you nothing other than the awareness that you are participating with intention.

As you walk into your office building thank the security detail for the job they do. On the subways smile at the transit police and wish them a peaceful day.

In your office, leave a post it on your colleagues’ desk that says, “I appreciate you” or “You’re amazing. Thanks for being on this team”.

Be willing to garner up your patience, stop your busy day, and listen intently to what others are saying to you. Look them in the eye and say, “I hear you.”

Organize a Team Kindness Day with your co-workers, where you randomly and somewhat secretly, spread some appreciation in the office and the community.

If you feel so moved, bring a homeless person and apple or orange.

Bake cookies for your children’s class, just because.

Hug a co-worker or the cashier at your grocery store.

Tell that mother you see struggling to round up her children that she’s doing a great job.

Kindness is what we all need at the moment. In that space of love and appreciation, fear melts, hearts warm and spirits feel free again.

Now isn’t that the kind of place you want to work and live?

Yes, me too.

Tweet with me about your random acts of kindness or the kindness you are experiencing from others. You can find me on Twitter @mariagamb and please use the hashtag #operationkindness

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