What the Women at Kronos Know About Change

October 28th, 2014

A few weeks ago I have the privilege of flying to Atlanta to speak at Kronos Incs Annual Sales Conference. Part of that conference was segmented out for a Women’s summit. My audience was several hundred women who are committed to their growth, advancement and responsibility within this large organization. They were an amazing group. All discussions we had were couched around “change” and how to navigate it fearlessly, with grace and ease.

Change within any aspect of ones life can be difficult to navigate. Even those who crave change, beg for it and lament, “Well if this changed I’d be much happier” still find it painful. It may be true that even positive change would bring about happiness and fulfillment. The greater truth is that most people don’t like or feel comfortable when things around them change.

As human beings we like things to be familiar and predictable. Each individual requires a different level of familiarity and predictability in their lives. This is the dynamic, which makes life and ones existence feel safe. Even if what is predictable and familiar may be unhealthy, broken or painful.

As I explained this to the many groups over this past year, I am sometimes met with some blank stares. I notice resistance and could practically even hear some of the participants saying, “not me!” Perhaps you feel the same reading this piece.

So here goes:

o How many times have you dated the same person for longer than you knew was good for you just because it was familiar to you?

o How many times have you worn a pair of shoes that made your heels bleed because they were beautiful regardless of nearly crippling you?

o How often do you take the same route home from work, every day, 52 weeks a year?

o And how often do you utilize systems and methods you’ve always used in your work life just because that’s how “we’ve always done it”?

o Or criticized someone as practically being a heretic because they’ve introduced a new way of thinking, problem solving or executing a task?

The truth about any company and its people is that they must evolve to stay current and to move forward. That takes courage and flexibility. Evolution of anything comes down to the ability of those who can best take the next 3 steps.

1) Change to suit market or environment needs
2) Adapt methods, behaviors and attitudes to meet those market and environment needs
3) Grow as a byproduct of steps 1 and 2

A group that digs their heels in and tries to stand still will only be passed by. The world, the globe actually, continually spins. When we do not move forward we are literally passed by. Don’t let your ego hold you back from joining the evolution that’s going on. I’m certainly not saying throw everything you know and how you’ve done it out the window. I am saying, keep what you need and let go of what no longer works after an honest assessment period.

Can you take the challenge to Change, Adapt and Grow within the context of your own business and personal life? I hope so, I wouldn’t want you to miss out on this next leg of evolution in this lifetime.

As we march towards the end of 2014 the topic of change will be a focus for all of us. Does one really need a new years resolution? Or perhaps just a tweak to what they’re doing now? If you want help with this, contact Carrie Ann (info@mariagamb.com) to ask about our coaching programs.

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