The Rule of Three: It’s Not Networking, It’s Building the “Right” Relationships

June 19th, 2014

Here’s what’s so cool about what I do. I meet amazing people along the way who instantaneously become friends and trusted advisors. I don’t need a million of them, just quality rather than quantity. The “Rule of 3” is in effect where ever I go. Therefore, I don’t need to meet everyone at any given event.

I certainly will not participate in what I often times call “the ram and cram” of shoving business cards into other peoples hands. Empty discussions that tip into some odd void with only a vague remembrance of a face in the days that follow. Instead, it’s more important to me to focus on seeing only those whom there is a resonance with in that moment.

Afterward, when we speak we talk about our lives and then business, which always starts with “what are you working on and how can I help?” It’s natural. Uncontrived. And most importantly, in earnest. The hour passes like magic and at the end we both feel energized and complete.

How do you know who is that person in the crowded room?
You really just have to trust your intuition. Learn discernment. And while we love to give to others, there also needs to be healthy boundaries.

In all things remember, Quality over Quantity every single time.
The people you choose on this journey will determine your enjoyment or anxiety.


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