Friday Finale: Attraversiamo…Let’s Cross Over!

April 25th, 2014

The past few weeks I’ve observed a very clear and concise theme in the world around me. Everyone I sit down and talk to tells me a story about his or her journey. In summation the crossroads they are standing upon is right here and right now. Not a cross road wrought with fear, instead full of so much joy, hope and anticipation. The energy feels so …. Huge!

I often recall the scene in the movie “Eat, Love, Pray” where Javier Bardems’ character shows Julia Roberts character the way forward in life and love saying “attraversiamo”. Which in Italian means, let’s cross over. Initially she resists and doesn’t go with him literally or figuratively. That is, until at the end of the movie. She is ready. Then it is she offering the invitation: attraversiamo – to cross over into the unknown with great excitement.

Those exchanges have always stuck with me and it’s a word I use often in my work with clients and in my personal life when a crossroad has been reached. It becomes clear that it’s time to cross over, meaning: move to the other side and take the next step on ones evolutionary path. Without fear. Without hesitation. But in full willingness to grow, change, expand and enjoy.

As we close out another spectacular spring week consider for a moment where the invitation attraversiamo has been offered to you. Will you take it this time? Are you willing to step into the next phase of the unknown or unexpected to see what possibilities lay there for you?

Just because I’m such a sap; here’s Julia’s invitation. Enjoy!

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