Nice Girls Still Don’t Ask For What They Want! Why Women Fall Short At The Negotiating Table

July 11th, 2012

Featured Article by Maria Gamb in Forbes magazine

“Tessa, we’d like to make you an offer.”

Tessa holds her breath on the other end of the phone. “Here it comes” she thinks, “finally, the opportunity I really want! Finally!” A big smile broadens across her face.

“Yes, Tessa we’d like to make you a generous offer of … plus …” the woman on the other end of the phone kept talking about salary, benefits, vacations and other assorted health care perks.  But Tessa was silent, lost in her own thoughts and disappointment.

She had done her research and knew that this job warranted a higher salary. She knew that the recruiter had told her the salary band was about 15% higher than the number being quoted to her on the phone.

However, it was a job that she really wanted. Better to just say yes. “After all,” she consoled herself, “I’ll do a good job. Which has to mean that there will be an increase down the road… right?”

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