Hey, Women: 5 Ways to Defy the Odds & Start a Business

June 29th, 2012

INC Magazine Columnist Marla Tabaka interviews Maria Gamb

Time Business features the story as well

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Here’s a simple test: Name your top five role models (aside from family and friends)? How many of them are women?

You may be unable to connect your inspiration to a female role model, simply because there aren’t enough female leaders out there.

Here’s one likely factor in that truth: A study of women entrepreneurs released last December by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor shows that women worldwide see entrepreneurship as just as attractive as men do, yet they lack positive attitudes about their own capacity for starting businesses. A comparison between sexes reveals that women have, on average, lower perceptions about opportunities and capabilities, lower intentions, and higher fear of failure than men.

Best-selling author Maria Gamb sees these trends firsthand in her work as an executive mentor.

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