Honor Your Commitments Or Risk Being Just Another Talking Head

October 12th, 2011

Do you

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honor the commitments you make

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Often times we forget making a commitment is the act of agreement to do one thing or another.  It is an activity that is sometimes negated and when it does a breakdown in trust occurs on many levels.

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  • Do you honor commitments you make to your team-to show up for them–even in tough or uncomfortable situations?
  • Do you honor commitments you make to those you network with?  Or are the leads, connections and resources you offer others a non-even


  • Do you honor the commitments you make to your family and friends

    ? Are you where you say you’re going to be when you’ve told them you’d be?

  • But most importantly do you honor commitments you make to yourself


The most important commitment you make is to yourself.  When you promise that you will do X, Y or Z -say go to the gym, but then you don’t go. You’ve reneged on the commitment you’ ve made to yourself.

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When you do this, in essence,  you have lied to yourself.  Which means when you make other commitments to yourself down the line, chances are you won’ t believe

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You’ll take those commitments with a grain of salt.  Why? Because that’s how you’ve performed in the past. You’ ve cemented the behavior.

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If this is your internal set up, do you honor the other commitments in your life and work?  Remember, how we do one thing, is usually how we do everything.

When you do not honor the commitments you make to your team, peers, friends and family it sets up the same cycle of mistrust.  They will not take you seriously.

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Nor will your word

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be taken seriously.

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Because you haven’t taken the commitment you’ve made seriously.

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They know this about you.

A person who does not convey trust to those they are working with will never be truly successful.  You’ve got to be a trusted leader in order for others to follow you.

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Which means, in this case, you must be someone who says what they’re going to do and then does it.  Hopefully you do it

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without pageantry.

Keep ing your word is so important

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in building your reput ations

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and following as a person in business. It shows you are a person of quality and integrity because;

People are loyal to those they trust.
People will follow the direction of the people they trust because

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they have shown them that they are worth that investment.

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Bio Box:
Maria Gamb (http://www.MariaGamb.com ) is an author, speaker and mentor to emerging leaders in business. Her first book ever “Healing the Corporate World” (http://www.HealingTheCorporateWorld.com) was launched on Amazon in 2010 broke into the Top10 Bestsellers in Business/Leadership joining the ranks of the highly influential all boys club of authors such as Jim Collins, Daniel Pink and Carmine Gallo. http://amzn.to/998R9p

2 Responses to “Honor Your Commitments Or Risk Being Just Another Talking Head”

  1. Namaste Marie,

    Your language is familiar to Landmark :-) Are you a graduate by any chance?

    This blog is a great reminder that honoring our word and our commitments are a sure way to personal and professional success. On a more metaphysical level, honoring our word and commitments eliminates energy “leakage” which drains us and hinders our success.

    • mariagamb says:

      Caroline –

      Thanks for your comments! : D
      The principles are universal. They actually work not only in business but in life. Which is really at the heart of what I teach. The mantra for my audience at this moment is to remember that how we do anything is how we do just about everything. So honoring ones word is not just in work, but in your personal lives as well. I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog!


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