How Are You Using Your Influence Today? Help Wake Up America

September 7th, 2011

I’ve spent the past few years reviewing a good part of my life to determine what was most important then to re-create my life around those values and beliefs. In that review I came to the work I am now doing; that of building more powerful leaders who know how to use their influence for the betterment of others and advancement of all.  I could write something far more sexy and sizzling about my mission statement but that would not be the truth of who I am.  That’s all there is to it: get people to work together, create jobs and rebuild the self-esteem of others with good, honest, fulfilling work.

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  This message is for BOTH the entrepreneurial community and corporations.

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So now I have to ask myself “how are you choosing to use your leadership and influence?”

Tomorrow in fact, I am starting a 9-week free boot camp on influence and impact. Had I known 3 months ago when we planned this that it would be so well times to our current political issues in the news I wouldn’t have believed it.  But it’s true. Click here to find out more.

Last night I sat and watched the LIVE stream of the No Town Hall Meeting held here in NYC.  Howard Shultz, CEO of Starbucks was seated prominently as one of the 4 panel members in this open dialogue with America.  I listened. I watched. I was shocked as some of the hidden facts about our national debt were revealed.  I was inspired by the genuine well-meaning, caring and patriotic duty conveyed by these 4 professionals.  Replay link:

The message was simple: Now is the time to put down the boundaries, labels and ideological, egotistical motives of politicians in Washington and begin to work together.

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We ask the politicians to remember that they are servants of the people not just special interest groups and lobbyists.

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Now is the time for each party listen to one another and forge a common ground to resolve the debt crisis and jobless issue in this country.

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Bipartisanship is the only answer. And WE the citizens need to be the catalysts with our voices.

Starbucks CEO is using his power and influence to help wake the American people up.  He and his constituents are telling us that now is the time to tell Washington we’re sick of the gridlock and needless posturing and egotistical power plays.  Serve us, we elected you, and we want you to work together. NOW.

How are you using your influence today?

Are you merely marketing and promoting yourself or are you thinking more about the reach and influence you do currently wield and how best to utilize it

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? My suggestion is to truly, deeply consider that the opportunities you have in your life are part of the American dream.  A consciousness that we need to respect, honor and preserve in this country.

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A friend told me over the weekend that rather than get into the political mire she intends to pray and send love

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to the politicians. This is her way of participating and I actually think it’s an incredibly valuable contribution to make.

For others who may prefer a more pragmatic approach  I offer the No Labels route of bipartisanship.

America is at a bifurcation point: breakthrough or breakdown.  How you choose to participate and engage is up to you.  It’s a personal choice.  But please….. choose something!  Make your voice heard

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your representatives.

12 Ways suggests you make your voice heard.

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(I’m going to simply cut and paste from the website)

1. Take action by joining the No Labels hq. From there, you can find events, join groups, create a personal blog and network with fellow No Labelers.

2. Get involved as a Citizen Leader in your community to connect with local legislators and help build the No Labels Movement

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Whether it’s 10 minutes a week or an hour a day, your time will help build the No Labels movement in your area.

3. Contribute a few dollars to support the No Labels Movement.

4. Add your name to the thousands who have signed the No Labels Declaration, and join your neighbors who are asking their leaders to put the labels aside and do what’s best for America.

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5. Connect with other local No Labelers by joining your No Labels state group on the No Labels hq.

6. Speak out at a local congressional town hall meeting to spread the No Labels message. Contact the Back Office to learn about meetings in your area.

7. Make your voice heard by contacting your member of Congress and urging him or her to support the No Labels approach to bipartisan common sense solutions.

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8. Spread the word online — become a digital activist by following No Labels on Twitter (@NoLabelsOrg) and sharing #NoLabels content with your community.

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9. Keep up to date with what’s happening at No Labels by “liking” us on Facebook and inviting your friends to join our community.

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10. Get published in a local paper by contacting local media outlets and telling them about what No Labels is doing in your community and across the country.

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Contact the Press Office for more details on getting started.

11. Join thousands of Americans at the No Labels National Convention on June 18, 2012 in Philadelphia.

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Click here to RSVP. *Maria’s note: This has passed but stay tuned for more upcoming events.

12. Be a proud bipartisan and always look for opportunities to spread the No Labels message of common sense solutions with new people in your community.

If you have other suggestions as to how people can be heard, please feel free to post it here.

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 We appreciate your suggestions, insights and thoughts on this issue.

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