All That Glitters is Not Gold: Bright Shiny Object Syndrome

January 21st, 2010

Have you ever felt like there w as

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a landslide of opportunities that all of a sudden appeared?  You look left and you can choose to take the opportunities on that pathway.  Then you look right and there are other choices.  But in front of you, just in front of your nose, there is a basket full of other opportunities.  They all look exciting – each is a beautiful shiny gem.  Each gleam with possibility!  You are blinded for a moment in sheer amazement at what’s before you.

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This can be especially powerful if you have just come out of a dry spell when nothing in your world seemed to be moving.  We’ve all experienced being in what I like to call the “incubation” period where you are regrouping and reconsidering much of your business and personal life.  This is the precursor to having a major shift.  It’s the time when you are making decision about what you really want and desire.

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During a session with a client recently, she was saying things such as:

“This door has opened for me….
That person called me to be on a TV show….
I have an editor banging on my door….
There is an opportunity for a new product off shoot and packaging idea….
But I also have this chance to collaborate with another professional woman to launch another arm of my business…..
I was thinking I could do…..and maybe I could also start…”

After a deep breathe, we both laughed.

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“Wow” I said, “you’re going to be really busy again.

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“Again” being the operative word, as her previous pace nearly put her in an early grave at 38 years old.

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Is this what you want?”  There was a long pause.

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“No, I want my life.  But I also want professional success.

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I love my work!

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How do I balance this?  How do I choose when I want to do all of them?”

The most important thing to know is that there are always a lot of opportunities in front of you.  It’s just a matter of being open to seeing them.  There is never a shortage.

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There may be times the PAUSE button may be on while you regroup and rest.  As a culture we underestimate the importance of this period.

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So you will never miss out on anything – really truly, you can’t miss out!

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The opportunity may reappear in a different form later down the line. It’s all about being courageous enough to take it when it arrives.  So stop rushing around like a chicken with your head cut off.  That’s just a scarcity mindset rearing its ugly head.

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However, what’s important is that you’re ruthless about how you decide to spend your time.  Be sure what you choose to do is in alignment with your goals – short term and long term.  But prioritize!

While some projects may seem fun or interesting if they are not in alignment with your end goal you might want to pass on them and focus on what will get you where you want to go.  The only exception to this is if your gut is telling you it’s something you really need to take a look at.  You never know what can come of it.

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Keep dreaming but stay focused on your goals otherwise you’ re liable to get distracted by all those bright shiny objects around you!

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