Month Journal Entry from Maria – October

October 30th, 2009

October has been a month of connections and happy, unexpected opportunities. I had the great honor of being able to spend a little quality time with Greg Reid, author of “Three Feet From Gold” recently.  He reminded me of the power of persistence.  Especially in these economic times!  I had to ask myself – where are you

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stopping short?  Are you willing to give up just three feet from YOUR gold

? Now that’s something to ponder!

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It’s truly worth it to consider this

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and make the necessary adjustments going into the new year – starting with newfound conviction and focus.

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Additionally, I had a very interesting and unexpected conversation with powerhouse Les Brown last week.  It’s an amazing thing when the Universe sends these little unexpected gifts.  The question usually is “Are you really ready to speak your truth?  Oh yeah? Well go girl go, he’s right in front of you!” And so I did!  But more than anything the point I want to share with you about this surprise encounter were his words to me.  “Maria, it is my honor and a blessing to be in your presence”. So I ask you this….do you feel that way when you are with others?  Do you and can you express that level of generosity to others you know and those you don’ t each and every day

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? I was so touched by his level of wealth.  Yes, th at IS

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The ability to acknowledge, to see and recognize another human being is so precious and generous.  We keep forgetting that wealth goes beyond money, dinero and cash.

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Now, dove tail into spending a day in Caroline Myss’ workshop here in NYC at the Jacob Javits Center.  I just love Caroline!  She’s been my constant teacher and inspiration for the past 13 or more years.  There were so many amazing things that came from that experience.

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Going back to an earlier work – “Invisible Acts of Power” she reminded all of us that random, discreet acts of kindness and generosity cost nothing.

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Absolutely nothing.  There is no need for fan fare or a 3 piece band to herald in your “niceness”. (By the way, I consider this to be the handbook for being a human being.  So if you haven’t read it, please do!) It is your duty as a participant in this human race to touch others; in words, deeds and/or gestures. That’s exactly what people like Les Brown and Greg Reid have done for me this month.

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My last musing for th is month

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is simply this.

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Am I perfect at being kind and generous all the time?  Not a ch

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I didn’t much like it or feel exceptionally kind when someone hopped into the cab ahead of me that I hailed the other day during a rainstorm.  My words and thoughts were not “nice”. In truth they were quite colorful shall we say.  But…I’m learning, growing and changing.  Just like you.

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Don’t give up!

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You’re only three feet from your own vein of gold!

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