Are You Done with the Fear?

October 21st, 2008

Transforming Fear Into Courage

We are indeed, in a time of great transition.

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This transition is often unsettling and disarming. But as I have stated over the past several weeks this is also a time of great opportunity. All you have to do is use the Law of Polarity to find it. One never questions that on the other side of night is day or that if something is hot it can also be made cold.

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The law of polarity is “the equal opposite”.

This period of opportunity is the potential for newness, creativity and innovation. Often times we hear people saying “necessity is the mother of invention” – and that could not be more true today! However, it’s important to have all the oars in the water and each person in the boat rowing with you to facilitate “innovation” within your business.

But what happens when you are met with fear and doub

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t? You have this great idea and solution but the group around you (and that can even include family and friends) thinks you’re absolutely nuts and have gone off the deep end.

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What’s happening?! It’s a brilliant solution! It’s cutting edge marketing or technology! Why the resistanc

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e? They are afraid, plain and simple.

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They are paralyzed with fear because it means abandoning what they know for something unknown.

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The breaking point for any significant change is courage.

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In this energy space you have the willingness to embrace change and face challenges. You are able to literally see the opportunities in front of you and identify growth areas.

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It requires the ability to feel the fear in yourself and in others but continue to move forward none-the-less.

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Allow those fears to surface and observe them as if you were sitting in a movie theatre watching the latest action or dramatic flick. Ask yourself what’s really going on here

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? Is the consequence of the fear greater than the desire to move forward? Remember, this stage of courage that you are working within takes faith. And at times it c

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an be a very lonely place to be. But you must continue to evaluate if the desire is greater than the risk. If that desire is not greater then you will not move forward.

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In this place of courage, you suspend your disbelief.

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Often times it is a giant leap of faith and will require a measure of patience.

This shift to change and courageousness must start with YOU before you can get anyone else in the boat with you. And, by the way, you will most likely need to start paddling with or without others. It doesn’t matter, just get in the boat yourself and start MOVING.

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Hold steady. Yes, it is a challenging time.

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On the other side there are great rewards for those who walk through the fear and create something new and innovative out there in the world. We are ALL being called to do this.

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You are not alone.

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Think outside of the box and stop modeling other people!

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Their “model” is also in need of upgrade, repair and innovation.

About Maria:
Maria Gamb is the founder of and NMS Communications LLC.  She is an executive coach, consultant and speaker who brings her 20+ years experience as a former Fortune 500 Diva and now entrepreneur to the table.  Maria’s mission is to help women unlock their own personal leadership style and create businesses that make an impact on the world around them.  After all, we’re women, not men in skirts.  Our leadership style is uniquely our own and it’s powerful.  Visit Maria on the web at Sign up for the free ezine [Change Agent] and receive your free special report “The 7 Keys to Transform Your Business & Bottom Line”.

2 Responses to “Are You Done with the Fear?”

  1. Levy says:

    By reading your blog just learned about “Law of Polarity”. I’m not sure from where it comes or how it is justified, but I have a little trouble understanding it, given the level of complexity I sense in this post-modern world. The fragmentation of forces I see and write about seem to capture more of our times.

    I do agree that the point any leader must take serious is where their belief of having the “solution” is confronted by resistance. First resistance is a natural occurrence. Second, the moment requires openness to the possibility that others may have justification for there concern. and lastly, there may be a point that this resistance needs simple time to settle into this situation.

    In my analysis I incorporate more of the cultural aspect of the role of leadership – I will have continue to read more of your blog – it seems quite complete.

  2. Tina says:

    I have just had my first book published and I choose self publishing. Now I am left with marketing the book myself. I have just wasted 2 hours because I am so stopped in making requests of people that may or may not want to purchase my book. I checked all my e-mails, including this one, reviewed my bank balance, had 3 snacks. Now I am going to get into action and work my way through the fear zone. I can do this. Thanks for the great article which could not have come at a better time.

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